Bipolar Buffalo Publishing -
by Anthony Antek 

Buffalo Area Storm Updates :

Friday, Nov.22

   NBC National News  tonight reports 80 inches of snow have fallen so far on Hamburg (includes Lakeview ), N.Y.
    Using turkey baster, siphoned about a pint of gas from garden tiller and filled snowblower. Cleared  portion of driveway with that and hand shovel. Have been trapped in home since Monday evening. Hope to reach end of 150 foot driveway by Saturday or Sunday at latest. Unable to help others except for hopefully consoling some with these storm reports and bits of snow humor alongside them.
        Did free up bird feeder today from igloo looking to near normal look. Birds came flocking to it again. (usually need highest rung on ladder to reach it; today was able to clear snow just standing on snow underneath it).
    Only few inches of snow forecasted tonight- that should be end of snow for now. Rain to come tomorrow evening followed by flooding in some areas on Sunday. Will have to attack driveway snow early A. M. before rain comes.

Birdfeeder in center of upper middle window pane

Almost snow- free feeder with Woodpecker feeding on sunflower seeds.

Thursday, Nov.21
About 2 more feet of snow fell Thursday with gusty winds of 35 mph.
Totals now about 6 feet. Driveway to street is 150 feet long. Wife & I shoveled about half way but new snowfall & winds brought it all back.      Physically sore bodies now. Local plows of no use; would need larger snow movers.Travel Bans still in effect. Only hope now is warm weather due on Sunday/Monday forecasted  in the 50s.Here are  some  photos  from Thursday:

(Note: Lake Erie, CANADA & Buffalo (to right corner) in far background.  see winds whipping snow west to east.Between telephone pole and lake is old Lakeshore Road.

11/21 For your information:

This is "Snowscoop"
made in my wife's hometown of Ironwood in Upper Michigan near Lake Superior. Usually effective in "normal" snowfalls but now useless because no place to dump it (to let the snow slide off). Snowblower not good because early season snows are very wet and heavy causing clogging. Am now out of gas for it anyway. 

Conditions Monday Eve through All Day Tuesday 11/18:

Front door view during Tuesday's stow storm,
Lake Erie in background just beyond trees:

 Photos at 4 & 7 am. Wednesday 11/19:
4 to 6 am: from home driveway with Lake Erie in dark background
(Note: Thursday brought another 2 feet of snow with gusty 35 mph.  winds  that blew snow back into driveway.  So effort wasted.).

Home at 4 am Wednesday  as I went out to start clearing snow

7 -10 am Wed.: Sun/Blue Sky briefly returns -
 From front door of our home with Lake Erie in background

 Post of 11/18:
 This will be largest Lake Effect snowfall in Western New York  history.My hometown of Lakeview, just south of Buffalo,New York already has over 40 inches. Snow continues till Friday. Up to 6 feet totals forecasted, winds to 30 mph. Travel ban in effect for areas directly south of Buffalo.


of snow 
coming to 
(part of Hamburg,
      South of Buffalo)

Beauty of snow against our rear living room window

Update: 6pm Wednesday 11/19:

   Snow to resume tonight at 10 pm (started already at 6 pm) through Thursday ,ending Friday morning. Our area again in Bull's Eye with snow forecast of 1 to 2 feet more.
     Odd request: Buffalo Bills puts out call for snow removal workers at stadium for Bills -Jets Sunday game.Report says  Stadium has 220,000 tons of snow to remove. But there is also a car travel ban in nearby Orchard Park! County officials respond by saying to obey traffic ban. 
   Governor Cuomo  here today for birds- eye - view of storm and travel on  N.Y. State Thruway ant Rt. 5 along Lake Erie; mani semi-trailers still stranded.Gov. says snow phase 1 has ended. More snow tonight starts phase 2 and phase 3 is expected flooding on Sunday and Monday when temps will reach into the 50s.

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     "This is a superbly written and very interesting and emotional book. But why did you decide on the "Bipolar Buffalo" title when it offers so much more than the bipolar encounters?" (from a reader's email to the author).

   Yes, there is much more - encounters & stories about notable people, including comedians like Steve Allen, Bill Cosby and Dick Shawn. Other people like inventors, architects, immigrants, a saint, and Black and Native Americans.
    Places and Cities, including Denver, Las Vegas and  New Orleans. And national events like Hurricane Betsy, racial segregation, Vietnam and the cultural changes in the1940s thru the1960s.

    The author's journey, reflecting the underdog, is a search for inner self & an authentic meaning to life. But it is a love story that  drives the book - it's central theme. It's "need" is the search for love and to be loved in return. The book's Set-up, Confrontations & Conflicts, and Resolution are directed towards that theme.
      The meaning of " BIPOLAR BUFFALO" is a metaphor that refers to how we see things. Its meaning is ontological, metaphysical - searching for what is real, the essence of things.
   The book title’s origin goes back to a talk with Native Americans during a game of pool in Oregon in the 1960s - How early white people saw the American Bison compared to how seen by those Native Americans. There is nothing innate, nothing intrinsically "good" or "bad" about the animal but how humans make judgments upon that being.... or person or event  - done with the limited personal/cultural baggage humans carry. 

   The book is also about judgments and more specifically, pre-judgments (prejudice). Being bipolar, or Black, or Red, or Jewish, or Polish, coming from the working class, from Buffalo – how we see and are seen.

    Following this conversation I write .... " I didn't reflect on this polarity right then, but it did begin right there, the first inkling I had of the buffalo as a bipolar animal—bipolar from a human perspective.."
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