Bipolar Buffalo Publishing -

 - a MOSAIC of Minds Journey
by Anthony Antek 

The Mid-20th.Century Journey
of a Bipolar Youth
Offering Humor & Hope
Searching for Self, Love
& Authentic Meaning to Life

Saw PBS TV bit on Calder artist this week so here's:

Dangling Hospital Mobiles   (Opening)            
 (Book excerpt for weekend of 9/26/15)
    We envisage with pleasure Nirvana and a uniform heavenly bliss only because they are projected upon the background of our present world of stress and conflict…The live being recurrently loses and reestablishes equilibrium with his surroundings. The moment of passage from disturbance into harmony is that of intensest life.
John Dewey, Art as Experience
Hospital Poem       
Around an octagon table we sit
Debating the fate of the world
Our facial muscles are twitching
And I am quietly wishing
That I could be totally blind:
To find myself confined in a binding tube,
No need of sight.
In fright young kangaroos seek their mother’s pouches,
Mice run under couches,
Worms recede in burrows,
And elves just disappear.
We have no one to fight here
But ourselves.

    Did I write this poem or was it written by the other college-aged patient? 

    I think there’s more of him in it. I’m hoping he wrote it because he needs to express himself more. He’s withdrawn, much more than me. I call him “Mobile,” which he accepts with a slightly suppressed smile. I don’t name him after that Alabama city, but because he spends most of his time making mobiles. His room is a jungle of hanging sculptures. ....

   52 Mosaics - true stories 
    52 Notable Literary Epigrams 
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- a Mosaic of Minds Journey

“A roller-coaster ride, rekindling images of 'Catcher in the Rye' and
'One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest'.”
– Edward A. Jardim,
Writer-Editor, New York Daily News

"This is marvelous stuff.
The entries into madness are beautiful.”
– Dr. Bill Harrell, Professor Emeritus
S.U.N.Y. Institute of Technology

"'Bipolar Buffalo is beautifully written, and nearly impossible to put down."
– Mike Canfield, The Sun  
     "This is a superbly written and very interesting and emotional book. But why did you decide on the "Bipolar Buffalo" title when it offers so much more than the bipolar encounters?" (from a reader's email to the author).

   Yes, there is much more - encounters & stories about notable people, including comedians like Steve Allen, Bill Cosby and Dick Shawn. Other people like inventors, architects, immigrants, a saint, and Black and Native Americans. Places and Cities, including Denver, Las Vegas and  New Orleans. And national events like Hurricane Betsy, racial segregation, Vietnam and the cultural changes in the1940s thru the1960s.

The author's journey, reflecting the underdog, is a search for inner self & an authentic meaning to life. But it is a love story that  drives the book - it's central theme. It's "need" is the search for love and to be loved in return. The book's Set-up, Confrontations & Conflicts, and Resolution are directed towards that theme.

The meaning of " BIPOLAR BUFFALO" is a metaphor that refers to how we see things. Its meaning is ontological, metaphysical - searching for what is real, the essence of things.

 The book title’s origin goes back to a talk with Native Americans during a game of pool in Oregon in the 1960s - How early white people saw the American Bison compared to how seen by those Native Americans. There is nothing innate, nothing intrinsically "good" or "bad" about the animal but how humans make judgments upon that being.... or person or event  - done with the limited personal/cultural baggage humans carry. 

The book is also about judgments and more specifically, pre-judgments (prejudice). Being bipolar, or Black, or Red, or Jewish, or Polish, coming from the working class, from Buffalo – how we see and are seen.

Following this conversation I write .... " I didn't reflect on this polarity right then, but it did begin right there, the first inkling I had of the buffalo as a bipolar animal 
 — bipolar from a human perspective.."

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