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 Recent excerpts from Bipolar Buffalo -
 Mosaic # 39 as it relates to recent news

  Hurricane Betsy with Card Games 
    On September 20, 1965, Hurricane Betsy, a category four hurricane, hits New Orleans.
    Normally, the topography of New Orleans appears like a laid back coffee cup saucer, with the center of the saucer resting below sea level. Now it’s a swirling, inundated, mad hatter tea cup ride. Winds reach up to 160 miles per hour. Water reaches the tops of telephone poles; people become trapped in their attics as floodwaters rise. Buildings are smashed, moved off their foundations. Power lines are destroyed and drainage plants are made inoperable. Boats, rigs, trailers, homes, cars and cattle are strewn helter-skelter. There are many deaths.
    As I navigate my way through New Orleans, the first thing I do is look for the Red Cross office to see what help I can be. The National American Red Cross hires me on the spot as a disaster worker to provide emergency services. Probably because I have my own car, I am assigned to the distant Plaquemines parish, a long stretch of delta south of New Orleans, which extends to the mouth of the Mississippi.There, high winds force tidal waves over the river levees, flooding both the east and west banks of the parish. The wall of water causes floods and devastation up to twenty miles inland.
                    (long break in story here)

    .... As I drive south along the levee, I see large boats stuck in trees that are rooted well inland, on high ground. A few homes have been thrown to rest in the highway that parallels the main levee, requiring a short detour over mud-caked branches and other debris on the muddy bypass.
    I hear that Blacks who live along the delta are being denied public shelter and have to walk, in some cases, nearly twelve miles to New Orleans to find it. ....  I notice people every so often, walking north towards New Orleans. Strangely, each time I stop my car and offer one of them a ride, I am turned down. Their polite refusals puzzle me. Finally, an attractive black woman accepts my offer. She looks fearful when she gets into my car and I ask her why.
     “I’m taking a risk doing this. If a white person sees me riding in a car with you I might get beaten up.” .....


  Personal note for Web Followers 
(updated 8/21/14):

    The sudden death of Robin Williams has had some  impact on me (obvious because of my and the book's nature.) For those seeking more insight about R.W. , the Entertainer, see the excellent Charlie Rose interviews from the 2002 - 2009 period and his memorial program a few days ago. For further  insight into Robin, the Human Being, see the illuminating 2006 interview with Terry Gross on NPR ( National Public Radio) web site(

   I expect to return to some mental web work soon. Book is low or out of stock in some Buffalo area bookstores and museums (replenished  at Buffalo History Museum & DisAbility Museum -see web page 4).
    Been away from computer and book stuff for much of summer.  New developments coming early September.                                               Thanks.

 In 52 stories and 29 works of original art & photos,
 the struggle of a steel-city, working-class youth    growing up Bipolar in Lackawanna/Buffalo,New York
during the mid-20th Century is dramatically revealed.

 - Mosaic of Minds Journey   
is  the search for for love & being loved,
 finding the inner self & an authentic meaning to life.

52 "Mosaics" (true stories) 
   29 Original Works of Art & Photos
52 Epigrams relate to & preface all stories 

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 "This is a superbly written and very interesting and emotional book. But why did you decide on the "Bipolar Buffalo" title when it offers so much more than the bipolar encounters?"
(Asked by a person named Alan via the social media)

     Yes, there is much more - stories on Dick Shawn, Steve Allen, Bill Cosby & O.J. Simpson, Father Nelson Baker, and inventor Willis Carrier to name a few as well as the drama of numerous personal, cultural and historical events.
           Moreover it is a love story that  drives the book, it's central theme, it's "need" is the search for love and to be loved in return. The book's Set-up, Confrontations & Conflicts, and Resolution are directed towards that theme.

      In brief, the meaning of " BIPOLAR BUFFALO" is a metaphor that refers to how we see things. Its meaning is ontological, metaphysical - searching for what is real, the essence of things.
     The title (developed from story #34 –Black Ribbons of Highway) goes back to a conversation with Native Americans in Oregon during the 1960s.  How early white people saw the American Bison compared to how seen by early Native Americans. There is nothing innate, nothing intrinsically "good" or "bad" about the animal but how humans make judgments upon that "animal”.... or person or event with the limited personal/cultural baggage we carry.
     Following this conversation I write .... " I didn't reflect on this polarity right then, but it did begin right there, the first inkling I had of the buffalo as a bipolar animal—bipolar from a human perspective.."
     So the metaphorical title and implicitly, an intended measure of the book's contents are about judgments and pre-judgments (prejudice). How those being Bipolar, or Black, Jewish, Polish, working class, or any other stigmatized person or "underdog" group judge themselves and are judged. 

    Although the book gives hope to those inflicted with the struggles of being bipolar and insight to others, it was written not as a "How To" or "Self-Help" book but  as a work of  literature. 
      The author's journey is a search for inner self & an authentic meaning to life - and more specifically, a struggle to find love and being loved in return.

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  University of Buffalo,  Lockwood Library
 has  acquired  Bipolar Buffalo book
One story gives an intimate feel of poet Charles Olson
 and  what his persona at U.B. was like in the 1960s. 
For More READ :
Mosaic 33 -The Energy Flow of Charles Olson
               or see:   Charles Olson, Human Universe and Other Essays

Book is also available at numerous 
Buffalo area bookstores, museums, businesses and regional Public Libraries.

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