Bipolar Buffalo Publishing -

 - A MOSAIC of Minds Journey
by Anthony Antek 

     This building and my experiences there as a patient in Fall, 1961 will be part of my talk at  Buffalo State College  on  February  3 , 6-7 p.m. (invited guests& docents  only). 
 Mosaic #25:
(#25 becomes more meaningful if you read all of  previous posting)
 A SAMPLING of mosaic # 24: ... His outstretched arms and legs are tied with twisted sheets to the four bed corners.........
.....He is a burrowed naked lunch sandwich made of Wonder Bread with urinated dressing concocted during the night ....

Suddenly Lenny Bruce
Streaks Out of My Mouth

                      Dig: I’m Jewish. Count Basie’s Jewish.
                      Ray Charles is Jewish. Eddie Cantor’s goyish.
                      B’nai B’rith is goyish, Hadassah is Jewish.
                      Kool-Aid is goyish. Evaporated milk is goyish
                     even if the Jews invented it. Chocolate is Jewish
                     and fudge is goyish. Fruit salad is Jewish.
                     Lime Jell-O is goyish. Lime soda is very goyish.
                                           Lenny Bruce, Comedian

    I’m Jewish.
   Hey, dig man. These words are about people who go mashugana.

    To chain or not to chain that is the question. Or being put in a mezuzah, alone—with God maybe—unless he’s on a cruise vacation to Cuba.

    The cats controlling this fortress say the data shows these nutsies were put down due to violent actions mainly. Lotta violence near the three meal times. Maybe too much goyish and not enough Jewish food—more Matzo balls, eh?

    But who or what started these storm trooper outbreaks? Do we really know?

    We do know that when you’re all strapped down—that’s when it’s tough to piss. I mean the hot piss must be running all over you. Yeah, right. Gevalt!

    Maybe these power guys with the big keys should lighten up a bit. I dunno—maybe their brethren were too hard on Christ. A nailing? Nah! Probably he needed just a severe lecture.

    But what it finally comes down to is honesty, accuracy, validity. Does the data show what’s really coming down or are people just keeping their noses clean?
    Now singing wildly to “Hold me, Thrill me, Kiss me”:
   “Hold me, strap me, lock me …  never let me go …why don’t you hold me, strap me, lock me …  put me all alone … until you get me …get me … get me …Till you come and get me …To come and get me …To come and … To come … Come … Come … Come … Didja come? … Didja come? … Didja come good? … Good… Good!”
    But you can’t stop my words, my words …Hey, what’s with the gag? ...

Not my mouth …No …No!   

- a Mosaic of Minds Journey

“A roller-coaster ride, rekindling images of 'Catcher in the Rye' and
'One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest'.”
– Edward A. Jardim,
Writer-Editor, New York Daily News

"This is marvelous stuff.
The entries into madness are beautiful.”
– Dr. Bill Harrell, Professor Emeritus
S.U.N.Y. Institute of Technology

"'Bipolar Buffalo is beautifully written, and nearly impossible to put down."
– Mike Canfield, The Sun
   52 "Mosaics" (true stories) 
52 Notable Epigrams preface stories
29 Original Art Works by Author & Photos 
        & Signed by Author

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 Changes for 2015 

100 %of all money from future book sales sold at Buffalo area cultural & non-profit locations shown on page 4 of this website (Rebirth of Buffalo)will now be donated back to those sites. Help support these and other worthy Buffalo area attractions.Look for more additions.

   The life cycle of book and I have “Rounded Third and Headed Home” – Only limited 1st. edition quantities of book remain. There will be no 2nd. Edition.What I need most is time. 
     2015 is a move away from book promotion towards a new creative challenge combining writing with other senses and visual arts. It will be about  a 2 year project.

        Also, wherever deemed worthy, book sales to others - certain individuals, schools, charitable groups, or other “underdog” situations, will be either donated or sold at 50 to 100 % off the listed book price.

     In 2015, I will also continue to keep the name and artistic works of Lackawanna comedian & actor Dick Shawn alive and in the public consciousness. The ultimate goal is to gain recognition for him in the Buffalo Shea's Theater “Wall of Fame.” Your support is welcome and appreciated. See more on page 2 of this website.

      Appreciative thanks to those who have responded so favorably to my book. “Word of mouth” has been outstanding. A larger national readership has not come about, probably due to my failure to actively pursue it on that level combined with a weak grasp of internet knowledge and capabilities. However, I have restarted weekend excerpts, photos and book insights for 2015.


     "This is a superbly written and very interesting and emotional book. But why did you decide on the "Bipolar Buffalo" title when it offers so much more than the bipolar encounters?" (from a reader's email to the author).

   Yes, there is much more - encounters & stories about notable people, including comedians like Steve Allen, Bill Cosby and Dick Shawn. Other people like inventors, architects, immigrants, a saint, and Black and Native Americans.
Places and Cities, including Denver, Las Vegas and  New Orleans. And national events like Hurricane Betsy, racial segregation, Vietnam and the cultural changes in the1940s thru the1960s.

The author's journey, reflecting the underdog, is a search for inner self & an authentic meaning to life. But it is a love story that  drives the book - it's central theme. It's "need" is the search for love and to be loved in return. The book's Set-up, Confrontations & Conflicts, and Resolution are directed towards that theme.

The meaning of " BIPOLAR BUFFALO" is a metaphor that refers to how we see things. Its meaning is ontological, metaphysical - searching for what is real, the essence of things.

 The book title’s origin goes back to a talk with Native Americans during a game of pool in Oregon in the 1960s - How early white people saw the American Bison compared to how seen by those Native Americans. There is nothing innate, nothing intrinsically "good" or "bad" about the animal but how humans make judgments upon that being.... or person or event  - done with the limited personal/cultural baggage humans carry. 

The book is also about judgments and more specifically, pre-judgments (prejudice). Being bipolar, or Black, or Red, or Jewish, or Polish, coming from the working class, from Buffalo – how we see and are seen.

Following this conversation I write .... " I didn't reflect on this polarity right then, but it did begin right there, the first inkling I had of the buffalo as a bipolar animal 
 — bipolar from a human perspective.."

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